Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Dear Santa.....Heres my life so far

Long time no speak huh ?

So i thought i would give you guys a little insight into my christmas wish list. To start off with i WILL be getting (no yes or maybes) a 24 pieces mac brush set. So excited ekkkkk

Next off i hope and pray i will get a new bloody Ipod because i broke mine (R.I.P POD) and also i hopefully will get £200 worth of topshop vouchers. This is all from the parentals. Oh and MAC vouchers also. Fingers crossed.

Also, amazon vouchers, cos i like me a good little read and a bargain read at that. I am really enjoying The Millenium triology at the moment :) (if any family members reading this thats a little hint for you right there).

The best thing about Christmas preseants? The surprise when you get little things that you never asked for. I am too excited for christmas this year. Words can't even describe. Also, First christmas single ekkk, its actually exciting but a little bit glum but hey ho, or ho ho as Santa would say.

Also, got my tickets for Example in march and Drake in January. TOO EXCITED!!!! it should be soo crazy. I haven't been to a concert for ages and so the draught is over and am going to look forward to my CARAZYYY 2011. Bring it on

Rose x

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Are you ready for this?

The madness beauty that is Lanvin. Here is my outfit choice from the mad collection. I love the fact that when the two combined together only the price went down and not the quality. This should have happened ages ago !

A final farewell to you Miss Moss

The end is nigh for Miss Moss. Over the years we have seen a mix of high fashion to plain tees. The model herself over the years (and a whole other team) found inspiration from Russian dolls and old vintage pieces she found when in Paris. However, this season being her curtain call it seems as though the supermodel turner fashion designer has really gone all out and brought out one of her largest collections. Her collection seems a bit missed match with some pieces seeming to be inspired from Geisha girls in China, flappers in the roaring 20's and a debutantes coming forward dress. However, a good thing that Kate Moss has always been able to do with her collections is to put a bit of herself into it. We see the black leather shorts and simple grey and black tees that the designer herself is seen wearing in magazines.

Here are a view pieces from the new collection. First the emerald green evening gown had to be one of the most high catching of them all. It looked simple but yet "classy" and doesn't need too much to put with it. Then the velvet bloomer shorts with the lace around the trim was too adorable to overlook. And last but no means least the cape dress that i am actually thinking of buying. Its simple but i think its unusual the way in which it falls when its on. I will be purchasing this i think but i think im gunna have to see what it looks like on. Cos knowing me it won't hang very well on.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

An interview with myself

Hey guys, so to celebrate my 100th post i thought i would tell you 10 things about me. Sorry its been along time don't mean to neglect you guys. Any who:

1) My full name is Rose Irima Cecilia Jerez O'Flaherty
2) I am half Spanish half Irish and was born in Furtaventura in the Canaries Islands.
3) I have a three year old half sister
4) I hope to go to uni to study History
5) I don't like mixing my foods they all have to be separate
6) I don't like being touched by people i don't know. It really bugs me :(
7) Being a failure scares me :(
8) I am secretly obsessed with The Tudors and World War II
9) I reaaaaaaaaaaaly want a mulberry bayswater for my 18th birthday (my dream)
10) The best thing i ever bought make up wise was my sleek palette and the best piece of clothing i ever bought is my fake Alexander McQueen scarf which i use everyday

Friday, 22 October 2010

Girl crush of the moment: Coco Sumner

My girl crushes are honestly getting a bit creepy now aren't they.
But hey ho, i introduce to you Coco Sumner, the lead singer of the band "I Blame Coco" and daughter of Sting.
She has such a strong face with high cheekbones and beautiful eyes, that just stick out. She modeled for Burberry a few years ago and everyone was jumping around her and she was just standing still. I thought she just looked beautiful so i googled her and realised that she is also a musician. Ever since i have been a big fan of I Blame Coco.

What do you think of her style ? and btw don't you think she looks slightly like Alexa Chung?

Sunday, 17 October 2010

The caped crusader

Are you brave enough to embrace the cape?

Its everywhere at the moment. From Balmain to Topshop. THe cape is officially in. I myself will not be wearing just any normal cape, I'll be wearing a camel cape. MY NEW FAVOURITE COLOUR! However, im yet to find one nice enough. The top photo shows one from ASOS but the material seems more like a felt material rather than a nice cotton. I have heard on the rumour mill that there is a nice one in Zara but unfortunatly its sold out in my local Zara so i am goign to have to look elsewhere. (sad face)

I have a cape coat already from last year which i got given to me at christmas form River Island. It is a speckled black but im not to sure about it as it can look slightly overwhelming at times. But c'est la vie i shall keep looking

Preparing for the worst

Hey guys,

Sorry for the long time no write thing, i have been writing applications to unis. So please keep your fingers crossed for me. Any who, on Wednesday i am off to Poland for the day as part of the LFA project which is an amazing group that allows students all over London to go on a day visit to Aushcwitz. Its going to be an amazing but yet heart wrenching experience.

As you may or may not know i am a budding historian and journalist so i will be doing a vlog from my trip. I just hope i can get across to you guys how awful the deeds were that where done in this place.

I went to a conference last Tuesday to prepare me for the trip. I heard a horrific story from Kitty, a woman who escaped from Aushcwitz. What was worse was that when she escaped she was my age. It just brings the experience to be more life like a realism of the awful genocide and holocaust.

Love each other. My message of the day

Monday, 11 October 2010

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Girl crush of the moment: Marinia Diamandis

When you look past the beauty, the style and the amazing hair, all that is left of Marina Diamandis is her amazing voice.
The singer from Marina and the diamonds has been a huge success this year with her single Hollywood.
The half Greek girl has such a sultry look and dark features that she pairs with bright colours.
If i had to compare her to anyone in the world it would be a less over rated Lady Gaga...from wales

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

And here is what i got

These where the little bits and bobs i picked up from ASOS.
Hat: £8
Green Jumper: £30
Black Cardigan: £30
Boots: £40
I am now just waiting for my Topshop delivery

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Woooow even i didn't know that i could shop that much

There is a major haul coming your way guys.
Just spend a grand total of £210 in Topshop and ASOS
My ASOS delivery should be here tomorrow and my topshop delivery should be here before Friday.
Here is a little sneak peek of some of the things i bought.
Yes, i did get the boots (look down at previous post) AND GUESS WHAT?!
So i got them for £40 rather than £68 which i am soooooo happy about
Means i can spend more money on tops and cardigans :)
So stay tuned to my youtube channel cos things are gunna get smoking with a new vid of all my clothes

When life gets you down

I have been under so much strain recently that it has resulted in me being sick.
Pressures of school and life.
I look back on it and realise its not worth the amount of stress that i gave it all.
I realise i need to make changes in my life now and stop getting sick from stress or else i am in no way going to be able to complete my A-Levels.
Tell me about all your worst days you have ever had.
I'd love reading them while i sit here in my sick bed.
Love you all

Sunday, 3 October 2010


Its landed
My first ever youtube video is here.
I decided to give you guys a little look into my nail varnish bag.
Come check my channel out and look at my other videos that i am putting up

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Take a moment and breath

"Everyone will break your heart. You just need to find those who are worth breaking it for"
-Bob Marley


Its that time of year again when my mum actually gives me a lot of money to go pick out winter wear (thanks mum)
So, as i begin my quest on finding the right jumpers, cardigans, coats, jeans and boots, I though i would start here at ASOS
Now, here is my dilemma which i hope you lovely people can help with.
The first pair are the chelsea boots and are £45
The last pair are Ardelai and are £68
Price doesnt matter but what style
Also, thought i would throw in a cardigan cape thing that im thinking about buying as well
Do you think it would suit or is it just plain fug?
Over to you

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Coming to a PC screen near you





Blowing my mind

One word. WOW!
The Roberto Cavalli show was mind boggling amazing
Of course i didn't actually go, because I'm a stingy college student but in mind i was there.
From the boho long dresses to the animal snakeskin the whole thing reminded me of something that should be in a dessert.
I specifically liked the taupe colours and icy greys.
It was something different and an amazing way to celebrate his anniversary.
I take my hat off to you sir

Thursday, 16 September 2010

I need this potion in my life

I think i need to get it
My oily lids are too much for me these days.
I literally can not wear eyeshadow for long and nothing seems to help it
I thought it wouldn't have to come to this but i think its time
It better be worth the money or im really goign to regret not being able to eat for a week (cos if you haven't read previously i'm as broke as a bank during the depression)

Mad Marc

Marc Jacobs definitely brought back the sweetsy 20s mixed with some sultry 60s to New York
His collection reminded me of a series of Mad Men with the fitted waists and slime line suits.
The deep reds and baby pinks worked well together.
I doubt that i would be ever able to afford it but I am soo in love with the black one shouldered dress. The material of it adds texture to the rest of the outfit and the big skirt contrasts to the fitted top of the dress.
If only i had somewhere to wear it. (sad face)

I'm too sexy for my meat?

Oh god please do not let this be the new fashion cos i dont thnk i could handle it
We first saw it on Gaga at the VMAS but not Jeremy Scott has followed suit and unveiled his "meat"dress at his recent fashion show.
I would be more willing to wear the fake meat dress seen at the Jeremy Scott show
Please lets not go any further with this look
PETA is gunna be all over this like a rash

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Inspiration of my life

"British fashion is self confident and fearless. It refuses to bow to commerce, thus generating a constant flow of new ideas whilst drawing in British heritage. "
-Alexander McQueen
The most iconic man of our time.
Nothing will replace him and his magical mind

Monday, 13 September 2010

Girl crush of the moment: Dree Hemingway

The up and coming model of the moment Dree Hemingway has the style that every young girl should envy.
She is the new face of Paco Rabanne 1 million for women (just in case you recognised her)
However, the 22 year old is not just known for her stunning looks but also for being the great-granddaughter of writer Ernest Hemingway.
The girl has looks, style and looking at her family most likely the brains as well.
Everything to be jealous of.

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