Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Boho Chic in Paris

So i am trying to think up outfits for Paris in which i can wear for the whole three days i am there. Yes i am an overpacker but hey better safe than sorry.

So i was thinking Boho mixed with a slight Parisian twist. The one thing i am bringing is my strapless John Zack Maxi dress but i am not sure as to what jewels to bring along. Its all about the jewellary that will give it that slight twist if i layer things up.

I was looking through magazines for inspiration and this is what i came across. And i would wear every single last one of these dresses if i could. But i can't because i am not as rich as i think i am (sad face)

Make-up project for school

I am at college and at the moment am having to do a project on make up in which i have to create some sort of animated presentation on make-up based products. I spent like 2 hours in pure make-up heaven looking at all the sites like Mac, Nars and even the Topshop make-up section (which i am having a love hate realtionship with). I think it is possibly the most addictive thing looking up all these products for my project. Anyone suggest any other places i could look at make- up products?

Forever 21 in London hurry up!

I am too excited for the (hopefully true) rumours that the American brand Forever 21 will be opening up a big shop in London's Oxford Street. Which to be honest is only fair seeing as we gave them a Topshop in New York. But anywho, i am too excited as the clothes are really sleek and beautiful but yet cheap. It would be an american topshop or Primark (Although i have gone off primark altogether). Whenever i find myself in America i always like to stock up and lots of stuff. Sometimes i get nervous going through the airport on the way back as i think i might go over the luggage weight. But i am always fine. Now i will no longer have to face this problem anymore. Yes! Anyone else as excited about this as i am?

Weekly want

Well for my trip to Paris this coming Monday i need sooo much. However, the one thing at the moment that is sticking out at me is this urban outfitters jumpsuit. I think its really light and block colour jumpsuit's and playsuits are the best on me. I love the detail of the zip on the front as well. There is a slight harem on the bottom half of the jumpsuit.

Wow-its been a long time

I know its been a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time but i have had so many exams :( sad times but they are not over and its close to summer so happy times :) On monday i am going to Paris and so will be doing some Outfits of the Days from Paris and so on.
I am very very very excited

Recently i have started watching make up bloggers on youtube. I am so addicted i have to say they are such a life saver when you dont know what to do make up wise on a night out. My favourites have to be sototallyvlogging and BelleDeJourNYC. I will put the links at the bottom and what not. I would highly suggest checking them out cos they are amazing!!!
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