Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Boho Chic in Paris

So i am trying to think up outfits for Paris in which i can wear for the whole three days i am there. Yes i am an overpacker but hey better safe than sorry.

So i was thinking Boho mixed with a slight Parisian twist. The one thing i am bringing is my strapless John Zack Maxi dress but i am not sure as to what jewels to bring along. Its all about the jewellary that will give it that slight twist if i layer things up.

I was looking through magazines for inspiration and this is what i came across. And i would wear every single last one of these dresses if i could. But i can't because i am not as rich as i think i am (sad face)


  1. love this!

  2. I like the dress on Rachel Zoe
    very cute
    an accessory like Nicole Richie's is very do-able



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