Sunday, 29 August 2010

A parisian in england?

Cute little outfit of the day
Top= Internationale
Leggings: F&F
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Keep everyday fresh and chic

Sunday, 22 August 2010


I went a bit over the top with the shoe purchases this week.
But, you have to admit i did get some pretty sweet purchases.
Firstly i got some simple black pumps from New Look for £8.
I thought they where very chanel Esq and also quite cheap in comparison to the ones they sell in Topshop fro £25.
Next, i got these beautiful wedges from ASOS for £40
They reminded me soo much of the Jeffrey Campbell wedges
I really want a pair but i am afraid i am too broke to afford them (sad face)

Last, but so not least, i got these wedges from New Look for £25
How much are they like the ones they sell in Topshop?
Its funny though because i tried the ones in Topshop and was going to buy them but then came across these and was sold
Hence why i was able to buy sooo much more stuff
Really happy with my purchases
What do you think?

Shopping around the clock !!!

So i haven't updated much due to the fact that i got my results on Thursday.
I have been out celebrating because i am happy with my grades
I got an A in ICT
B in History
C in Classics
C in English
I am going to re take my C's and try and get an A in History also
Any who, i went on a little shopping spree to calm my nerves before i got my results
I will be showing some in an Outfit of the Night in other posts
and i will be doing a special shoe post seeing as i did get a lot of shoes.
So they deserve there own little dedication.
I got a cute little thoughts book from Tiger for £1.
Tiger is like a small IKEA that recently opened up in my local shopping center
I have started writing down all of the ideas i have for my blog and also for future posts
Also i have little to-do lists because i am an old lady like that.
Don't you just love the crazy design
Picture a) Belts: Primark Nude £1.50, Black £2.00 B) Pad book: Tiger, £1 C) Liner brush: Topshop £3 D) Earrings: H&M £1.99 E) Eyelashes: Eyelure in 100. I lost one hence the really sad face i am making. Fear not though i shall be getting some more sometime soon F) Black top: H&M £7.99. You can't tell but the back of the top is longer than the front. I got it in a size 16 so that i could have it off the shoulder and a tad baggy.

Saturday, 14 August 2010


Any suggestions for my blog guys?
My blog is your blog
Suggestions will be warmly welcomed

Beautifully Delicious review

I got these lovely smelling body wash and bath fizzler as a present from a friend
They are from Beautifully Delicious and they live up to the name.
I used the bath fizzler today and it was not strong smelling.
It had a hint of something and i personally like it like that because sometimes, especially with the Lush bombs, they give me a headache as the smell is soooo overpowering.
The body wash smells too good
Its almond and honey and its rich and creamy.
It doesn't dry my skin out which is amazing for such a good smelling product
(i tend to get this problem from high perfumed product. Such as Lushes rose soap)
I would truly recommend it to anyone out there who want to use products that smell nice and will not have to worry about it irritating the skin.

Bold brows are better than no brows !

As you are all aware i am firmly against the no brows look (look back at a few posts ago if you don't quite remember), so the big brows look is a good look i believe
This particular look was taken from Narcisco Rodriguez's Autumn/Winter 2010/2011 show.
I like the way they have mainly focused on the big brow.
I would not have done such a harsh brow and then used bold colours on both the eye and lip.
In some cases it can be borderline tranny looking
So keep it simple if you dare to go big

I Love Gaga part 2

I really love the look that Lady Gaga rocks in her music video for Alejandro
I like the sharpness of the eye but yet the contrast of her lips
If you look at her lips it looks darker towards her inner mouth and then more of a blood red at the corners.
I went to MAC a few weeks ago and the make up artists were wearing this look
I will try it soon but i don't think it will look as good on me as it does on her

Headache fashion

Trousers destined to give you a headache

The trend that was seen in the runway for spring is high waisted trousers with a severe pattern.
From Marc Jacobs to BCBG Max Azria Resort, they are all doing it.
Be careful though as this look is not for the fainted hearted.

A)BCBG Max Azria Resort 2011 do a cool tone pattern on tapered trousers, B) Henry Holland does a mix of floral and polka dots on his trousers, C) Miu Miu's take on the pattern trousers is picture perfect with a mix of apples and swallows, D) Marc Jacobs goes back to the 80's with his crazy pattern trousers.

Friday, 13 August 2010

I am suffering from some serious satchel envy


From students to professionals everyone needs a handy bag in there life.
So look no further than the Satchel.
Back in style and seemingly turning into a timeless classic for those on the rush.

A) Prada's take on the Satchel, B) Hermes does a smaller and considerably more modern version of the Satchel, C) ASOS's £70 version of the Satchel is almost identical to the version Kirsten Dunst is wearing in picture D), E) Kim Kardashine takes her Balenciaga satchel out for dinner F) Alexa Chung brings her name sack Mulberry Alexa Satchel out on the town G) Nica Alicia Satchel bag in tan at John Lewis for £49.

Riding on the high street

I am loving the country riding look that seems to be bouncing its way on to the market
This Barbour jacket is the shaped Liddesdale version and costs £69.97
I saw it in Fenwicks yesterday and the feel of the material is so nice
I feels really soft and butter like
The inside is warm as well so would be nice for winter
However, do be aware of the versions coming to the high street.
I tried on a version like this in River Island today and it was quite large on my arms but yet tight around my bust. It also came up quite short.
The material was also not that nice and makes that horrible scratchy noise when you move in it.
The lining also was quite itchy and not very warm.
If you do want to buy on the high street i would strongly recommend the versions from Zara.
They are around about £50 or so and the material is lovely.
They have some nice elbow patches on them as well
However, comparing the costs you might as well get the real version rather than what the high street is offering.
Always here to help

Blinding in action

Beauty at its best
(with helping hints)

Monday, 9 August 2010

Bing bag chic

If you really want to look like Bianca from Easteders then pop down to
for this timeless Miss Sixty jacket for £135
I am sure someone out there has bought this

ZARA comes into the new age of online shopping. FINALLY

From September 2nd 2010 Zara will finally be offering shopping online
Well it was worth the wait (hopefully)
But, in advanced i am going to apologise to my bank balance
Take one for the team though

Streisand or Aniston: Who knows !

Ms Aniston looked amazing in the Harper's Bazaar spread
She truly does look spookly like dear old Barbara

Friday, 6 August 2010

No brows. No good

I love Lara Stone but her no eyebrows look freaks me out slightly
It makes her look so angry
On a more positive how beautiful are her eyes?

Mmm bronxe queen

I did an everyday bronze eye on my little make-up doll here
The eye: Mulch by MAC on lid
Blacktrack by Mac to line top and bottom lashes
Sleek bronze by Sleek in crease of eye
Bright eye by Benefit to highlight brow and in corners of eyes
The brows: Medium brown by Clinique eyebrow palette
Remeber that no matter how thin your brows are you can fill them in to make them look longer/thicker, no matter what shade of colour your brows

Eyeshadow: A girl can not have enough

I got this pallet of eye shadows from Inglot in Westfields
I picked the five eye shadows myself and put them into this pallet
It was a reasonable purchase at £15
You can't tell but the middle colour is quite a shimmered green
The black colour, also hard to tell, has shimmers of green in it
I love it

Mushroom purchase

It took me long enough to find it but finally i got there in the end
I got the mushroom nail polish by Barry M
It is almost exactly like Chanel's Particular
It is an easy colour to wear and can go with almost everything
I would have bought another one but i got the last one in the shop
Much love

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Sleek and proper

Apart from being beyond gorgeous, Joseph Gordon Levitt looked very proper in the film Inception
Quite different to his usual unkept style
Stunning !!!!

They're bacccck

The new series of the Rachel Zoe Project has begun
However, there is still a lingering ghost of Taylor left in the programme
Hopefully that gap can be filled

Much love



Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Apparently Jacobs is adding a plus size range to his clothing line
Finally people realise not ALL women are a stick
Fashionably late as always I guess

Olsen for Marie Clare

Ridiculously beautiful
Mary Kate Olsen has come along way from her anorexia days
She looks healthy and seems to be glowing
I love the Olsens
Much Love

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