Sunday, 22 August 2010

Shopping around the clock !!!

So i haven't updated much due to the fact that i got my results on Thursday.
I have been out celebrating because i am happy with my grades
I got an A in ICT
B in History
C in Classics
C in English
I am going to re take my C's and try and get an A in History also
Any who, i went on a little shopping spree to calm my nerves before i got my results
I will be showing some in an Outfit of the Night in other posts
and i will be doing a special shoe post seeing as i did get a lot of shoes.
So they deserve there own little dedication.
I got a cute little thoughts book from Tiger for £1.
Tiger is like a small IKEA that recently opened up in my local shopping center
I have started writing down all of the ideas i have for my blog and also for future posts
Also i have little to-do lists because i am an old lady like that.
Don't you just love the crazy design
Picture a) Belts: Primark Nude £1.50, Black £2.00 B) Pad book: Tiger, £1 C) Liner brush: Topshop £3 D) Earrings: H&M £1.99 E) Eyelashes: Eyelure in 100. I lost one hence the really sad face i am making. Fear not though i shall be getting some more sometime soon F) Black top: H&M £7.99. You can't tell but the back of the top is longer than the front. I got it in a size 16 so that i could have it off the shoulder and a tad baggy.

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  1. i do love the crazy design, notebooks are a love for me. i have one with quotes another for a list of books ive read and countless others for random doodles and stuff.


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