Saturday, 14 August 2010

Beautifully Delicious review

I got these lovely smelling body wash and bath fizzler as a present from a friend
They are from Beautifully Delicious and they live up to the name.
I used the bath fizzler today and it was not strong smelling.
It had a hint of something and i personally like it like that because sometimes, especially with the Lush bombs, they give me a headache as the smell is soooo overpowering.
The body wash smells too good
Its almond and honey and its rich and creamy.
It doesn't dry my skin out which is amazing for such a good smelling product
(i tend to get this problem from high perfumed product. Such as Lushes rose soap)
I would truly recommend it to anyone out there who want to use products that smell nice and will not have to worry about it irritating the skin.

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  1. fab review! i have senstivie skin too so will try these!

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