Saturday, 2 October 2010


Its that time of year again when my mum actually gives me a lot of money to go pick out winter wear (thanks mum)
So, as i begin my quest on finding the right jumpers, cardigans, coats, jeans and boots, I though i would start here at ASOS
Now, here is my dilemma which i hope you lovely people can help with.
The first pair are the chelsea boots and are £45
The last pair are Ardelai and are £68
Price doesnt matter but what style
Also, thought i would throw in a cardigan cape thing that im thinking about buying as well
Do you think it would suit or is it just plain fug?
Over to you


  1. I prefer the boots with the laces on them!They are moste stylish but its up to you!i became a follower also!if you like follow me back!xxxx

  2. i really like the sweater. its good to have a sweater to throw over enything that u love. i really dont like either boots (first pair i dont like the elastic, secong has both silver and gold hardware) but if u enjoy them fine with me.

  3. Well im gunna be awkward and disagree with the others. ha! I think I prefer the chelsea boots. More classic I think. Just my opinion though. x


Happy to read your views

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