Friday, 22 October 2010

Girl crush of the moment: Coco Sumner

My girl crushes are honestly getting a bit creepy now aren't they.
But hey ho, i introduce to you Coco Sumner, the lead singer of the band "I Blame Coco" and daughter of Sting.
She has such a strong face with high cheekbones and beautiful eyes, that just stick out. She modeled for Burberry a few years ago and everyone was jumping around her and she was just standing still. I thought she just looked beautiful so i googled her and realised that she is also a musician. Ever since i have been a big fan of I Blame Coco.

What do you think of her style ? and btw don't you think she looks slightly like Alexa Chung?

1 comment:

  1. luv her "hey does it look like i care" attitide.


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