Wednesday, 3 November 2010

An interview with myself

Hey guys, so to celebrate my 100th post i thought i would tell you 10 things about me. Sorry its been along time don't mean to neglect you guys. Any who:

1) My full name is Rose Irima Cecilia Jerez O'Flaherty
2) I am half Spanish half Irish and was born in Furtaventura in the Canaries Islands.
3) I have a three year old half sister
4) I hope to go to uni to study History
5) I don't like mixing my foods they all have to be separate
6) I don't like being touched by people i don't know. It really bugs me :(
7) Being a failure scares me :(
8) I am secretly obsessed with The Tudors and World War II
9) I reaaaaaaaaaaaly want a mulberry bayswater for my 18th birthday (my dream)
10) The best thing i ever bought make up wise was my sleek palette and the best piece of clothing i ever bought is my fake Alexander McQueen scarf which i use everyday


  1. congrats to your 100th post. a great feat i must say, im slowly working toward it.

  2. I love your eyemakeup
    it looks so very nice
    100 posts!!!!
    yay =)



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