Thursday, 4 November 2010

A final farewell to you Miss Moss

The end is nigh for Miss Moss. Over the years we have seen a mix of high fashion to plain tees. The model herself over the years (and a whole other team) found inspiration from Russian dolls and old vintage pieces she found when in Paris. However, this season being her curtain call it seems as though the supermodel turner fashion designer has really gone all out and brought out one of her largest collections. Her collection seems a bit missed match with some pieces seeming to be inspired from Geisha girls in China, flappers in the roaring 20's and a debutantes coming forward dress. However, a good thing that Kate Moss has always been able to do with her collections is to put a bit of herself into it. We see the black leather shorts and simple grey and black tees that the designer herself is seen wearing in magazines.

Here are a view pieces from the new collection. First the emerald green evening gown had to be one of the most high catching of them all. It looked simple but yet "classy" and doesn't need too much to put with it. Then the velvet bloomer shorts with the lace around the trim was too adorable to overlook. And last but no means least the cape dress that i am actually thinking of buying. Its simple but i think its unusual the way in which it falls when its on. I will be purchasing this i think but i think im gunna have to see what it looks like on. Cos knowing me it won't hang very well on.

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  1. The shorts are super cute I love the detail at the bottom. :)x


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