Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Dear Santa.....Heres my life so far

Long time no speak huh ?

So i thought i would give you guys a little insight into my christmas wish list. To start off with i WILL be getting (no yes or maybes) a 24 pieces mac brush set. So excited ekkkkk

Next off i hope and pray i will get a new bloody Ipod because i broke mine (R.I.P POD) and also i hopefully will get £200 worth of topshop vouchers. This is all from the parentals. Oh and MAC vouchers also. Fingers crossed.

Also, amazon vouchers, cos i like me a good little read and a bargain read at that. I am really enjoying The Millenium triology at the moment :) (if any family members reading this thats a little hint for you right there).

The best thing about Christmas preseants? The surprise when you get little things that you never asked for. I am too excited for christmas this year. Words can't even describe. Also, First christmas single ekkk, its actually exciting but a little bit glum but hey ho, or ho ho as Santa would say.

Also, got my tickets for Example in march and Drake in January. TOO EXCITED!!!! it should be soo crazy. I haven't been to a concert for ages and so the draught is over and am going to look forward to my CARAZYYY 2011. Bring it on

Rose x


  1. Sounds like a great Christmas list!!! I would love to get any of those gifts under my christmas tree!!!

    I am following you now, hope you will too!!



  2. you're going to see Drake!!!!
    how exciting =)


  3. happy holidays!!!



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