Sunday, 17 October 2010

The caped crusader

Are you brave enough to embrace the cape?

Its everywhere at the moment. From Balmain to Topshop. THe cape is officially in. I myself will not be wearing just any normal cape, I'll be wearing a camel cape. MY NEW FAVOURITE COLOUR! However, im yet to find one nice enough. The top photo shows one from ASOS but the material seems more like a felt material rather than a nice cotton. I have heard on the rumour mill that there is a nice one in Zara but unfortunatly its sold out in my local Zara so i am goign to have to look elsewhere. (sad face)

I have a cape coat already from last year which i got given to me at christmas form River Island. It is a speckled black but im not to sure about it as it can look slightly overwhelming at times. But c'est la vie i shall keep looking


  1. I probably wouldn´t wear cape but the third one looks so good!


  2. yea a hard style to pull off, but kudos if u can!


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