Thursday, 15 September 2011

Guess who's back back again

Yeah, yeah long time no post. But i promise I'm back for good now. After taking a long (and deserved rest) I am back where i firmly belong, my chair. A lot has happened (and been bought) since I've been away.

Such as Numero uno) I went to V festival and had a cray cray time. Words can not describe my love for the Arctic Monkeys AND Eminem all in one place. And as much as I love and adore Em's (as i like to call him, as his name becomes a mouthful when your drunk on cheap vodka) he wasn't my favourite of the weekend. Arctic Monkeys having to be my fav by far only because I have every album they have ever made and know every song off by heart. I was so close at every performance I went to, that at some stages i was literally shoulder to shoulder with people and it became so tight, but worth it. I also saw Bruno Mars, The Wombats (LOVED), Example, (Beyond LOVED), Plan B (new crush), N-Dubz, Jessie J, Tinie Tempah and Rihanna. I was gutted to miss Calvin Harris seeing as i missed his performance out in Kavos (more on that later) and Chase & Status.

Could nearly touch them, but i didn't :(
Rihanna, ultimate girl crush
View from the afternoon
Waiting for the Wombats
Poor image of a great performance from Em's

Number 2) I got a job!!!! Which helps with me being able to buy things
Number 3) I got into university! I am now a proud student of History at the University of Reading
Number 4) I had a very British Teenager holiday to Kavos in Greece. If no one understands what i am referencing too then i suggest you all to watch the Inbetweeners film, it pretty much sums up my holiday. As much fun i had and memories made i was happy to come home to my OWN bed. As you can tell from the picture below i didn't exactly get the best tan seeing as i slept during the day and woke up at night. Worth all the money though

You shall be seeing more of me, promise

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