Thursday, 15 September 2011

Wanna nose something?

Another update on my life in less than 10 minutes(big headed much). I miss my nose piercing. I took it out for work and had it for a grand total of 2 months and i only got to the stud stage but what i really wanted was to replace it with a tight hoop. Never got round to it but keep toying around with the idea to get it done again. It will happen soon i hope. I got it done with a gun before and it wasnt too bad but got badly infected as really your meant to get it done with a needle. That's what scares me the most.

Beautiful Alice Dellal

Not really what i want but none the less a beautiful, in a weird spooky kinda way, picture

Even hotter on the guys

Ok, ok so I know im just being a scaredy cat about this all and I will make a pact with myself to do it at least before christmas. However, until then I'll just look at cute photos and think of how it will look on me. And possibly find something better on here than to post about myself haha

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