Thursday, 6 January 2011

Music with attitude and soul

Now that i have my new I-touch i have been downloading loads of new music, but the only problem about new music is that i couldn't find much that i enjoyed out there. I would describe my taste in music as ever-expanding as i embrace all forms of music and my I-pod at the moment is starting to look like HMV. However, on my journey through I-tunes and Youtube (my new love btw, so many funny parody's) i found Jessie J. Her music is something i can only describe as soulful and in the words of the spice girls Girl power.

I love everything about her, the attitude of her lyrics and her style. Nothing can compare her "fuck you" look. I love it ! My favourite song of hers atm has to be Price tag, Who you are and Do it like a dude. She is defiantly one to look out for in 2011. Her youtube channel, Jessica Cornish, also features episodes where she does dares that other celebs have asked her to do. She is adorable in it. Go look up her songs now, no matter what you are doing, she is guaranteed to make your day even better.


  1. that picture is so powerful! im a rock girl. grew up with it and enjoy all the new indie rock. nothing with screaming people and bashing heads though.

  2. Actually adore Jessie J!

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