Thursday, 2 September 2010

A few steps to get a good hair day

These are a few products that i am obsessed and not so obsessed with at the moment.
To kick it off i bought the Charles Worthington leave in shampoo.
This product i am not so crazy about, it left lumps of the stuff in my hair.
On the plus side it is easy to use, you just have to wash your hair as normal (obviously not using a conditioner) and then when the hair is wet you comb your hair through with the product
I found that it made my hair really hard but it did feel really amazing after it.
Next off is this dry shampoo by Batiste.
I am in love with this product. I have been looking for a good dry shampoo for a while now.
I started off using the Charles Worthington dry shampoo but didn't like it and found it too expensive.
So this product ticks all the boxes that the other product didn't so i am happy about that.
And to complete your step to an amazing hair day is this Bumble and Bumble which i love.
My mum bought this back from New York for me aggggges ago but i am still using it.
Be warned though in the US it is far more cheaper than it is in London.
My mum bought it in a chemist for something silly like $7 and it costs something like £22 over here.
It gives nice waves to the hair and it just looks so effortless.
But ill give you a quick tip, you can make yourown version of this product.
Bumble and Bumble contains sea salt and is meant to give the effect to your hair that you have been dipping it in the sea.
SOOOOO my tip is to use normal sea salt which you can buy at the supermarket and mix it with normal tap water. It gives the same effect.

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