Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Make-up of the Night: What i used

The mascara of the moment: Revlon double twist
My lovely sleek palette: The navy blue and black

Benefit: Strut

My take on a smokey eye but with a twist
I used a metallic navy blue cream shadow from Benefit on my lid
In the crease is used a darker more glitter based shadow from my sleek palette
On the wing i began to use more of the dark navy blue mixed with black to make it more intense and darker in contrast to the lid
Underneath my lashes i used the dark navy blue and then towards the left side used more black to create that intensity
Much love


  1. so pretty! I wish I did my make up a lot better than I do now! (when I even wear it ha)


  2. wow I love what you did with the smokey eye
    it looks great =)



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